I Can’t Believe It’s Over

Well…it’s finally come to an end…I didn’t quite end in the hardcore way I wanted to but life got in the way and I did the best I could. Don’t blame me, blame Pre-Calculus and me being too old to pass without a tutor and a curve.

I still managed to accomplish quite a bit so here it goes:


I submitted my last assignment idea (a video assignment) and blogged about it. This assignment idea was courtesy of my son whose football games inspired this idea.


I completed all of the Final Project assignments for my character and posted them on her sites as well as on the Final Project blog I created. The Bumper Sticker and Ring Tone assignment were probably my favorites to complete as her.


No one signed up to discuss Episode 7 of Season 4 of The Wire so I decided to kick it old school and blog about it. Loved this episode entitled “Unto Others” because it was not only written well but it had A LOT  going on in regards to the story line. Given that I’ll be writing my senior thesis about the education element in The Wire this episode really hit home for me.

In addition to blogging about Episode 7 of Season 4, I also video chatted with my group about Episode 8 of Season 4 and blogged about it. I didn’t think that Episode 8 titled “Corner Boys” was nearly as interesting as Episode 7 but you could feel that there was something building and that Episode 8 was just setting the stage for it to take place.


I got the one Daily Create required this week completed courtesy of one of the best beer ad campaigns EVER. Gotta love DS106.


I did manage to sneak in a feew final comments on my classmates work wrapped up the week for me courtesy of Daily Creates by Sandy, Chris, Lauren, and Britney.

I really did enjoy this class this semester and I learned way more than digital creating than I ever thought I could given that I’m not a spring chicken and I made friends that I will continuing being friends with beyond this class and that really does mean a lot. #DS106 for life!!




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