Coming down to the wire (pardon the pun) – Weeks 13 & 14

So we’re coming down to the wire (pardon the pun) as the semester is winding down and the last two weeks reflect the chaos that is the end of a college semester.

Here is a glimpse into the last two weeks in DS106 of A Hot Crazy Mess:

Week 12 Daily Creates:
DS 106 Worst Album Cover:

DS106 For The Holidays album cover  #dailycreate  #tdc1045 #ds106


A shoefie for Howard:

My shoefie for Howard - TCB Jacket style # #dailycreate #tdc1047


Week 13 Daily Creates:

Caption an unsplashed photo

An unsplashed photo that is out of this world #dailycreate #tdc1051 #ds106


A Movie in Two Panels:

The Blind Side in two panels #dailycreate #tdc1057 #ds106


I submitted a Remix Card and blogged about my idea when I didn’t see my remix idea already submitted. I must say the the remix assignment I submitted made me giggle b/c it was Sponge Bob’s body but Chris Rock’s voice.

I completed 8 stars worth of Mashup Assignments and blogged about them. A Ten Second Song Mashup (worth 3 stars), My Favorite Team Mashup with a Wire theme (worth 3 stars), and a Website Mixup (worth 2 stars) were what I decided to tackle.



Website Mashup - My Creation?? Tumblr and Sound Could #ds106 #MashupAssignments1044 #MashupAssignments


A Mashup of Teams from The Wire #ds106 #MashupAssignments #MashupAssignments1037


Bonding with our DS106 community included commenting on:

Kisha’s face transplant, Alan’s tweet about the Fonz, Maggie’s Tweet about her mom, Chris’s green eggs and spam creation, Lauren’s re-tweet of the VHSL tweet, interacting with Jess on twitter, Imran’s blog on two panels, John’s video game mashup, Melinda’s game, and a comment on Amy Wallace’s daily create as well as starting to follow Amy on Flickr.


After coming up with a bogus last name for Cheryl of Fromthewire, I created 4 social media accounts for her (Twitter, Myspace, Pintrest, and Tumblr) as well as an email address all of which is documented on the page I created for my final project. I made sure to follow sites in all of the social media accounts created that Cheryl would be interested in (ie: parenting, broadcast news, gay rights, etc). I also completed 6 1/2 stars worth of assignments (Focus on a Color & Your Favorite Teams Mashup) from the point of view of Cheryl.


I also submitted my second Daily Create idea with an example of my idea. Revamped Lyrics could be a pretty funny assignment given the right song being changed. The possibilities are endless.

Daily Create idea - Lyric Remix - change the lyrics to a song and give it a whole new meaning #dailycreate #ds106


Looks like I’m going to be going solo for episode 7’s online discussion unless someone joins between tonight and tomorrow and my group for episode 8 is meeting at 5pm on Tuesday to get that done.


That about wraps up my last two weeks in DS106. The semester went by crazy fast and I can’t believe it’s winding down. Until next time…






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