Because Sometimes You Win Without Actually Winning


This is the Sports Mashup video (worth 3 1/2 points) I created by taking video clips of some of my favorite moments in sports and splicing them together in iMovie. These aren’t the “typical” sports clips showing professional athletes making incredible catches, dunks, or touchdowns. Instead, these clips show amazing moments in sports where people put winning and pride aside in order to make something incredible happen for someone else with the very last clip being one in which my favorite athlete shows that he is really starting to understand what it truly means to be part of a team and that a game isn’t all about winning.

I began the process of making this video by downloading clips from You Tube of events that I recalled seeing in various news stories over the years. ESPN had the stories used for the softball story and the Nebraska football story. CBS News provided the video via YouTube for the middle school football story and the Lauren Hill basketball story. God Tube provided the clips from the Derek Redmond story. CNN provided the video clips I snagged off of You Tube for the Jason McElwain basketball story and WCCO News in MN provided the clips of the cross country runner who helped her competition.  I then found pictures of different quotes that seemed related to the theme of the video and set them to the same background so that they would match the pictures and texts that would be at the front and end of the video. Once I put all of that together in the order I wanted in iMovie, I decided to add another tear jerking element. At the end of The Blind Side movie, a song played by Five for Fighting called “Chances”. I’ve seen The Blind Side at least 10 times but at the end of the movie when they have the slideshow of pictures playing to this song I find myself tearing up so it just seemed like the natural song to add to my video. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. I think I’m finally started to get the hang of this iMovie thing.

2 thoughts on “Because Sometimes You Win Without Actually Winning

  1. OK I can’t with you anymore this morning. I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve shorted out my iPad crying to this. You definitely got the reaction that I’m sure you were seeking with this production! I loved the athletic events that you used in following in with your theme. Furthermore, it was effective to use the guaranteed tear jerker so towards the end….I could NOT watch the last 4-5 minutes.

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