Getting Our Video Chat On About Those Corner Boys


After meeting with my group the night before our video chat, I logged on to talk about the Corner Boys episode with Ian, Danielle, and Demi. I did a quick video clip of a scene in the special class that I found significant because the kids in “the game” saw themselves as being dead in 10 years. Just a harsh reminder of what havoc life on the street can cause. I couldn’t get it to show in the google hangout on my screen though but Ian was nice and did it from his for me. I also capture a screen of the scene that Ian liked showing the empty shelves in the corner store which showed just how the store was more than just a store. We also talked about how sad it was that Michael was put in the position to withhold money from his mom because he knew she would spend it on drugs and the fact that he was too old to be molested by his returning step-father but that Bug wasn’t and Michael felt that rush of panic that a parent normally would feel knowing that their child was at risk. We also talked about how crazy it was that Brice’s mom was pushing him to deal and trying to “show him the ropes” by giving him advise as to how his father dealt drugs. Just goes to show that there is so much more to why these kids end up running the streets due to the culture that they grow up in. We had a little trouble at the end of the video when we couldn’t hear Demi anymore but we were pretty much done so we just let it ride. Hope you enjoy our discussion!!


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