I Can’t Believe It’s Over

Well…it’s finally come to an end…I didn’t quite end in the hardcore way I wanted to but life got in the way and I did the best I could. Don’t blame me, blame Pre-Calculus and me being too old to pass without a tutor and a curve.

I still managed to accomplish quite a bit so here it goes:


I submitted my last assignment idea (a video assignment) and blogged about it. This assignment idea was courtesy of my son whose football games inspired this idea.


I completed all of the Final Project assignments for my character and posted them on her sites as well as on the Final Project blog I created. The Bumper Sticker and Ring Tone assignment were probably my favorites to complete as her.


No one signed up to discuss Episode 7 of Season 4 of The Wire so I decided to kick it old school and blog about it. Loved this episode entitled “Unto Others” because it was not only written well but it had A LOT  going on in regards to the story line. Given that I’ll be writing my senior thesis about the education element in The Wire this episode really hit home for me.

In addition to blogging about Episode 7 of Season 4, I also video chatted with my group about Episode 8 of Season 4 and blogged about it. I didn’t think that Episode 8 titled “Corner Boys” was nearly as interesting as Episode 7 but you could feel that there was something building and that Episode 8 was just setting the stage for it to take place.


I got the one Daily Create required this week completed courtesy of one of the best beer ad campaigns EVER. Gotta love DS106.


I did manage to sneak in a feew final comments on my classmates work wrapped up the week for me courtesy of Daily Creates by Sandy, Chris, Lauren, and Britney.

I really did enjoy this class this semester and I learned way more than digital creating than I ever thought I could given that I’m not a spring chicken and I made friends that I will continuing being friends with beyond this class and that really does mean a lot. #DS106 for life!!




Getting Our Video Chat On About Those Corner Boys


After meeting with my group the night before our video chat, I logged on to talk about the Corner Boys episode with Ian, Danielle, and Demi. I did a quick video clip of a scene in the special class that I found significant because the kids in “the game” saw themselves as being dead in 10 years. Just a harsh reminder of what havoc life on the street can cause. I couldn’t get it to show in the google hangout on my screen though but Ian was nice and did it from his for me. I also capture a screen of the scene that Ian liked showing the empty shelves in the corner store which showed just how the store was more than just a store. We also talked about how sad it was that Michael was put in the position to withhold money from his mom because he knew she would spend it on drugs and the fact that he was too old to be molested by his returning step-father but that Bug wasn’t and Michael felt that rush of panic that a parent normally would feel knowing that their child was at risk. We also talked about how crazy it was that Brice’s mom was pushing him to deal and trying to “show him the ropes” by giving him advise as to how his father dealt drugs. Just goes to show that there is so much more to why these kids end up running the streets due to the culture that they grow up in. We had a little trouble at the end of the video when we couldn’t hear Demi anymore but we were pretty much done so we just let it ride. Hope you enjoy our discussion!!


Props to “Unto Others”

golden rule

Since no one else signed up to discuss this episode I figured I would kick it old school and just blog about it as I couldn’t let the classic lines and plot in this episode not be given the props they deserve.

There was a lot going on in this episode regarding pretty much every plot line happening this season. From Moreland helping Omar, to Greggs solving the Braddock case, to Herc walking into Marlo’s trap with the surveillance camera, to Prez finding a way to “trick” the kids into thinking they aren’t learning and they do, and Carcetti trying to figure out what he is getting into – this episode was packed full of things to generate talk around the water cooler.

Couple of things I found interesting about this episode:

steal them

How Proposition Joe advised Marlo about how to figure out who had him under surveillance – Just that little bit of advise shows just how information gained from experience is passed down to help keep the game going. That isn’t something that just happens on the streets either, it’s happens in all facets of life. Sports, jobs, families all have the same type of experienced people to utilize in order to be better at what they do. And how cool was it to find out how to flush out who was watching Marlo. Goes to show just how much money the federal government wastes if they don’t care about a camera that costs over four thousand dollars.


dice and mathJust how screwed up the education system is in Baltimore – From Prez finding books in the basement newer than the ones that his class was using to the University of Maryland having to come in to do an experiment of sorts to figure out how prevent repeat violent offender behavior at the school level just goes to show how the city of Baltimore had given up on education for kids that they thought were just too far gone. However, I did like how the special class was able to get the kids to finally talk and Prez was able to get the kids to learn about probabilities via dice without them even realizing they were learning. I also liked that they wouldn’t send the kids home who misbehaved on purpose so that they could get out of school to deal. If only more people took the time to find a way to get through to the kids maybe they wouldn’t be in the situations that they are in.


shit screen

This scene in which Carcetti is meeting with the former mayor to get advice on beginning his term was just such a classic explanation as to how bureaucracies have disheartened good politicians with noble intentions causing them to give up on the system. “You’re just sitting eating shit all day long” paints a picture of the task that Carcetti is taking on and you just can’t help but feel that he is walking into a hopeless situation.


Another interesting thing that I picked up when watching this episode was the Dierks Bentley song heard in the background on the street when Michael was talking to Brice. I couldn’t figure out if it was coming from a house or a nearby car on the street but there was definitely a country song playing in the background which is ironic given that’s not normally the music we’ve heard before in the background on this show. Unsure as to the significance of the song being placed in the background but I like how it has me thinking about the song’s placement having an underlying meaning.


And last but not least, this episode had some GREAT one liners in it. Here’s some of the ones that I jotted down:

“I take it now we have permission to solve this fucking case.”

“Aw yeah. THAT golden rule.”

“Cards is all in knowing the numbers.”

“When have you ever known me to put my gun on anybody that wasn’t in the game?”

“A man got to have a code.”

“Fuck the backdoor when we can go in the front.”

“Steal that bitch, see what comes.”

“You should never take the credit when the crime rate drops unless you wanna take the blame when it rises.”

“You’re sitting eating shit all day long.”

“All you have to do now is run the city.”

Every single one of these lines have a meaning bigger than the context they are said in and I dig that. The writing in this show as a whole is amazing and that is why I couldn’t let this episode not get the props that it deserves.





Coming down to the wire (pardon the pun) – Weeks 13 & 14

So we’re coming down to the wire (pardon the pun) as the semester is winding down and the last two weeks reflect the chaos that is the end of a college semester.

Here is a glimpse into the last two weeks in DS106 of A Hot Crazy Mess:

Week 12 Daily Creates:
DS 106 Worst Album Cover:

DS106 For The Holidays album cover  #dailycreate  #tdc1045 #ds106


A shoefie for Howard:

My shoefie for Howard - TCB Jacket style # #dailycreate #tdc1047


Week 13 Daily Creates:

Caption an unsplashed photo

An unsplashed photo that is out of this world #dailycreate #tdc1051 #ds106


A Movie in Two Panels:

The Blind Side in two panels #dailycreate #tdc1057 #ds106


I submitted a Remix Card and blogged about my idea when I didn’t see my remix idea already submitted. I must say the the remix assignment I submitted made me giggle b/c it was Sponge Bob’s body but Chris Rock’s voice.

I completed 8 stars worth of Mashup Assignments and blogged about them. A Ten Second Song Mashup (worth 3 stars), My Favorite Team Mashup with a Wire theme (worth 3 stars), and a Website Mixup (worth 2 stars) were what I decided to tackle.



Website Mashup - My Creation?? Tumblr and Sound Could #ds106 #MashupAssignments1044 #MashupAssignments


A Mashup of Teams from The Wire #ds106 #MashupAssignments #MashupAssignments1037


Bonding with our DS106 community included commenting on:

Kisha’s face transplant, Alan’s tweet about the Fonz, Maggie’s Tweet about her mom, Chris’s green eggs and spam creation, Lauren’s re-tweet of the VHSL tweet, interacting with Jess on twitter, Imran’s blog on two panels, John’s video game mashup, Melinda’s game, and a comment on Amy Wallace’s daily create as well as starting to follow Amy on Flickr.


After coming up with a bogus last name for Cheryl of Fromthewire, I created 4 social media accounts for her (Twitter, Myspace, Pintrest, and Tumblr) as well as an email address all of which is documented on the page I created for my final project. I made sure to follow sites in all of the social media accounts created that Cheryl would be interested in (ie: parenting, broadcast news, gay rights, etc). I also completed 6 1/2 stars worth of assignments (Focus on a Color & Your Favorite Teams Mashup) from the point of view of Cheryl.


I also submitted my second Daily Create idea with an example of my idea. Revamped Lyrics could be a pretty funny assignment given the right song being changed. The possibilities are endless.

Daily Create idea - Lyric Remix - change the lyrics to a song and give it a whole new meaning #dailycreate #ds106


Looks like I’m going to be going solo for episode 7’s online discussion unless someone joins between tonight and tomorrow and my group for episode 8 is meeting at 5pm on Tuesday to get that done.


That about wraps up my last two weeks in DS106. The semester went by crazy fast and I can’t believe it’s winding down. Until next time…






A Hot Mess of Weeks 11 & 12

The last two weeks were hectic but productive.  Lots to share so here it goes.

2 Daily Creates completed each week. Week 11’s Daily Creates included Safe Haven and Forgetting to Look In. Forgetting to Look In was my favorite because I do find myself getting frustrated with going back to school at my age while trying to juggle life as a single mom. The picture is me graduating from Head Start and it just reminds me of how far I’ve come and that I can’t give up.

15564669248_f49dda5503_oThe Daily Creates that I did in Week 12 were The Flag of My Country and Pick a Pet and Change It. Always fun when you can put glasses and a mustache on a picture of your dog.


I was busy creating videos with my new obsession iMovie. I did the Lyric Video Snippet worth 3 stars and blogged about it. I did the Sports Mashup video assignment worth 3 1/2 stars and not only blogged about it but made Melinda and Kisha watch it to see if they teared up like I did watching it. Then I grouped up with my fellow old biddies for extra credit to do the Swede video assignment. As always, we had a blast working together and it’s always fun when you can make people in a bus station look at you like you are crazy…lol. You can read all about it in my blog post. And with as many out takes as we had I could totally do a blooper reel. In fact, maybe I think that would be a good idea for a video assignment…hmmmm…..


I only had one video to finish coming into today but the flu hitting my house would prevent that from happening. If everything is germ free tomorrow and things are back to normal I’ll be able to wrap that up.

I noticed that there were updates for Jetpack and Askimet this week so I installed those. I also favorited quite a few of my classmates work in Twitter.

Then came the sticky part. I picked Grigg’s girlfriend, Cheryl, to do my final project on. The problem is that her last name isn’t listed on any of the websites about The Wire and without a last name I haven’t been able to set up her sites. I’m not going to give up though. I will see if I can track it down in a picture or go back in the scenes where her last name might have been said to get it. I even tweeted The Wire fan page to see if they can help. If I can’t get it then I will have to hit up Groom for other options.

That about wraps it up. The work seems like is took much, much longer than it appears in this post. Funny how that happens.


A Week of Going to the Video

funny-pictures-pro-procrastinatorI can thank my procrastination in other classes for my week of production in this class. Turns out that my avoidance of paper writing turned into doing extra work in DS106. I justified this by telling myself that I was just making up for those couple of weeks where I just didn’t quite get everything done. That’s the story I’m going with at least. With that being said, let me tell you about the work I got done over the last 7 days.


I completed three Daily Creates this week instead of the two assigned. “What is it?“, “Hung Out to Dry“, and “Share Your Best Sleepy Shot” were the three creates that I picked to do. With as cold as it is today I wish that it was warm enough to have those beach clothes in my “Hung Out to Dry” picture to hanging out on the line.



I submitted two “Inspires” to the DS106 website and blogged about them. Brittnay’s “Unity” and Ien’s “Wire 106 Epigraph” were my two sources of inspiration this week. I also blogged about why “Unity” and “Wire 106 Epigraph” inspired me.




My favorite assignments of the week were the Video Assignments. I found a video on You Tube that showed me how to download videos from You Tube. Once I had the video clips I wanted it was just a matter of playing around with iMovie (which I had never used before) and then combining my clips together and putting them to music. I think that iMovie might be my favorite app ever. I ended up doing 13 1/2 stars worth of assignments which was 3 1/2 stars over the required 10 stars. My son, his teammates, and my family were the subjects in “My Boy of Fall” music video worth 5 stars. My 3.8 pound dog, slow motion video taken with my iPhone, and Lorde were the stars of my “Crash Will Never Be a Royal” video worth 3 1/2 stars. The last video I made was a mashup of clips from Homicide: Life in the Street and The Wire, both of which were filmed in Baltimore. I even found a clip from Homicide that the late Robin Williams was in which I thought was pretty cool. I named the final product “A Mashup of Baltimore” and the trailer mashup assignment was worth 5 stars. I think I enjoyed the video assignments more than audio assignments because I hate the sound of my voice…lol.



I even managed to submit a Video Assignment to the Assignment Bank. I named it the Complete Package and included a video example that I made when I submitted my idea to the website. I made it worth 4 stars but it could easily be worth 5. The only requirements that I had for the assignment is that it had to be clips from a show that had already completed its run on tv and it had to be a minimum of two minutes long. I figured that it is  always good to have an excuse to binge watch a television series.



I had a lovely discussion on Friday around 1:30ish with our fearless leaders about episode 10 of Season 3 of The Wire. Bob Dylan and reformation were hot topics and we all found it funny that it was titled “The Reformation” when the war isn’t considered over as of yet and reformations usually happen after something is over as a rebuilding effort. All kinds of irony going on in that episode.

I did a little house keeping on my blog this week by creating two more menu items/categories (Inspired & Video Assignments) to file my blog posts under. I also noticed that there was an update for the Jetpack plugin so I went ahead and took care of that update as well.

I was able to see quite a bit of the work that my classmates did as well and comment on it. Work done by Chris, Mariana, Nicky, Stefanie, Brittnay, Alison, Ien, Melinda, Maggie, & Lauren were commented on by me. I really do enjoy seeing the different ideas that we all come up with.

I think that about covers everything that I got done for week 10 in DS106. I’ll be in a rush to get my papers finished for two of my other classes but I had art to make, dammit!!






The Complete Package – A Video Assignment Idea


Binge watching of television shows is so popular nowadays with the help of Netflix and Hulu and that is what inspired my idea for this video assignment. Pick a show that has already completed it’s run on tv and then make a montage of video clips of the show. The video must be at least 2 minutes long and uploaded to your YouTube or Vimeo account once it’s finished. Then write a short blog post about how you made the video. This assignment could be worth 4 stars, maybe even 5. What do you think?? Sound like something you’d want to do?? I’ve already made a montage so check it out and let me know what you think!!

“Give Us 25 Minutes, We’ll Give You Baltimore”

summer-music_fOur group (Jonathan, Lakisha, Melinda, & me) is plugging away on our radio show. We’ve decided to do a news broadcast type show using the events occurring in The Wire as our content. We’ve all chosen different aspects of the radio show including “National News”, “Crime”, “Politics”, “Traffic”, and “Business News”. We met yesterday afternoon with Groom to discuss the different aspects that needed to be covered and to get ideas for the bumper and intros for each news segment. I followed up with an email to the group last night outlining the details of our meeting. Melinda is working on the bumper and we are all working on our individual segments. The plan is to get them all to Lakisha by midnight and then she and I will take all of the segments to the tutoring center Friday morning to get them meshed together. If it is needed, we will take it back to Groom on Sunday to fine tune it before it is due Sunday night. I have a feeling that problems may arise when it comes time for editing but we will know that by Friday morning for sure.

After this week I’m ready for a remake of the show “Designing Women”




Yes, I do realize that I just dated myself by bringing up “Designing Women” so let the judgement begin…I brought it on myself.

Week 6 was much easier for me to get through than the week of sound. As usual, my phone was my best friend when it came to completing this week’s assignments. From pictures, to digital drawings, to following more of my ds106 peeps and commenting on their posts, and watching 3 more episodes of “The Wire” , this week was filled with all kinds of creating and building community.

15 stars of Design Assignments this week is what I started with first. The work for the week doesn’t seem as overwhelming if I knock out the biggest chunk of work early so that was what I did this week. The assignments I chose to complete were the Website Logo assignment (worth 3 points), What They Did After The Wire (2 points), No Bond Like A Dog Bond (3 1/2 points), Bumper Sticker (3 1/2 points), and The Childrens Book Cover (3 points) with 8 points worth of those assignments being based on “The Wire”. I changed the header on my website to show my new logo and blogged about each assignment on my Known page and tweeted them as well.


I got all 3 of the Daily Creates required this week completed. Empathy Map, Trace Yourself, and I Feel Like... were my picks. I posted them all to Flickr and tweeted them via Flickr as well. If I can find an app for Known that would do that for me I would be set. And after the hockey season is reaching just past the halfway point, I absolutely feel like a broken down car umpiring hockey games from high school through Division I college six and seven days a week.


My favorite assignment this week was the Design Blitz. I enjoyed learning about the different design elements and then trying to find them all around me. Nothing was off limits to use for me. From my curtains to the ordinary street sign that gave my son some trouble on his driving test, I really tried to mix it up. In addition to uploading all of my design blitz pix into their own album on Flickr, I also blogged all about it on my website.


Flickr is where I connected with my classmates for the most part this week. I began following Nicky, Lauren, and Algot in there this week. I also left comments on pictures posted by Nicky, Lauren, Algot, and Sandy. I also left a comment on Chris’s Design Blitz blog after she posted the link on Twitter. I also favorited and commented on Twitter from my phone but once I got home I couldn’t quite remember who I had posted on to go back and copy the links. I’ll work on a better system for that next week.

The Wire was off the chain this week with Ziggy shooting Glekas and Frank agreeing to become an informant as well as Omar and Bell coming to an agreement that benefited them both. The thing that stuck out for me the most though was Ziggy’s duck dying of alcohol poisoning. Wth??…lol.



I also finished the last few assignments that I didn’t quite finish last week including my Photo Blitz, the Humanizer, Color SplashWhat is it?, and the Post “Secret” visual assignments and shared them via Twitter and blogged about them on Known.  As I always say, better late than never. Kind of like me finishing college at my age…lol.

That about wraps up this week. If I forgot anything I’ll be sure to add it to next week’s weekly summary. Until then…