An ESPN inspired Video Assignment idea


 2014 Season Highlights

My idea that I submitted for a new video assignment was to take highlights of your favorite athlete or athletes and clip them together to make a ESPN highlight reel. You can add an intro and some music for finishing touches. I did my example in a program that my son’s football team uses for recruiting purposes but it can easily be done in iMovie or Movie Maker as well.




An Old Biddy Swede


This week I got to reunite with my radio show biddies to do a group swede. Kisha found some good scenes from upcoming episodes for us to recreate. With scripts in hand we met at the Fredericksburg Bus Station to film. We recreated a scene from episode 5 of Season 4 of The Wire and a couple of scenes from episode 6 of the same season. Over lunch we created the credits using an app on my phone and set them to the opening and ending songs of The Wire. Once I got home combined everything we had filmed with actual clips from The Wire and the credits in iMovie and this is what we ended up with.

Part of the Wish I Have for my Babies


Here is my Lyric Video Snippet assignment worth 3 stars. I used Audio Copy to clip a segment out of one of my favorite songs called “I Wish” by Rascal Flatts that always makes me think of my babies and transferred into iMovie. Then I imported the same blank picture several times into iMovie to put the lyrics on to make the slides for the video. Once the song was loaded I adjusted the slides to the flow of the music to complete this assignment and to continue my love affair with iMovie.

Because Sometimes You Win Without Actually Winning


This is the Sports Mashup video (worth 3 1/2 points) I created by taking video clips of some of my favorite moments in sports and splicing them together in iMovie. These aren’t the “typical” sports clips showing professional athletes making incredible catches, dunks, or touchdowns. Instead, these clips show amazing moments in sports where people put winning and pride aside in order to make something incredible happen for someone else with the very last clip being one in which my favorite athlete shows that he is really starting to understand what it truly means to be part of a team and that a game isn’t all about winning.

I began the process of making this video by downloading clips from You Tube of events that I recalled seeing in various news stories over the years. ESPN had the stories used for the softball story and the Nebraska football story. CBS News provided the video via YouTube for the middle school football story and the Lauren Hill basketball story. God Tube provided the clips from the Derek Redmond story. CNN provided the video clips I snagged off of You Tube for the Jason McElwain basketball story and WCCO News in MN provided the clips of the cross country runner who helped her competition.  I then found pictures of different quotes that seemed related to the theme of the video and set them to the same background so that they would match the pictures and texts that would be at the front and end of the video. Once I put all of that together in the order I wanted in iMovie, I decided to add another tear jerking element. At the end of The Blind Side movie, a song played by Five for Fighting called “Chances”. I’ve seen The Blind Side at least 10 times but at the end of the movie when they have the slideshow of pictures playing to this song I find myself tearing up so it just seemed like the natural song to add to my video. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. I think I’m finally started to get the hang of this iMovie thing.

A Week of Going to the Video

funny-pictures-pro-procrastinatorI can thank my procrastination in other classes for my week of production in this class. Turns out that my avoidance of paper writing turned into doing extra work in DS106. I justified this by telling myself that I was just making up for those couple of weeks where I just didn’t quite get everything done. That’s the story I’m going with at least. With that being said, let me tell you about the work I got done over the last 7 days.


I completed three Daily Creates this week instead of the two assigned. “What is it?“, “Hung Out to Dry“, and “Share Your Best Sleepy Shot” were the three creates that I picked to do. With as cold as it is today I wish that it was warm enough to have those beach clothes in my “Hung Out to Dry” picture to hanging out on the line.



I submitted two “Inspires” to the DS106 website and blogged about them. Brittnay’s “Unity” and Ien’s “Wire 106 Epigraph” were my two sources of inspiration this week. I also blogged about why “Unity” and “Wire 106 Epigraph” inspired me.




My favorite assignments of the week were the Video Assignments. I found a video on You Tube that showed me how to download videos from You Tube. Once I had the video clips I wanted it was just a matter of playing around with iMovie (which I had never used before) and then combining my clips together and putting them to music. I think that iMovie might be my favorite app ever. I ended up doing 13 1/2 stars worth of assignments which was 3 1/2 stars over the required 10 stars. My son, his teammates, and my family were the subjects in “My Boy of Fall” music video worth 5 stars. My 3.8 pound dog, slow motion video taken with my iPhone, and Lorde were the stars of my “Crash Will Never Be a Royal” video worth 3 1/2 stars. The last video I made was a mashup of clips from Homicide: Life in the Street and The Wire, both of which were filmed in Baltimore. I even found a clip from Homicide that the late Robin Williams was in which I thought was pretty cool. I named the final product “A Mashup of Baltimore” and the trailer mashup assignment was worth 5 stars. I think I enjoyed the video assignments more than audio assignments because I hate the sound of my voice…lol.



I even managed to submit a Video Assignment to the Assignment Bank. I named it the Complete Package and included a video example that I made when I submitted my idea to the website. I made it worth 4 stars but it could easily be worth 5. The only requirements that I had for the assignment is that it had to be clips from a show that had already completed its run on tv and it had to be a minimum of two minutes long. I figured that it is  always good to have an excuse to binge watch a television series.



I had a lovely discussion on Friday around 1:30ish with our fearless leaders about episode 10 of Season 3 of The Wire. Bob Dylan and reformation were hot topics and we all found it funny that it was titled “The Reformation” when the war isn’t considered over as of yet and reformations usually happen after something is over as a rebuilding effort. All kinds of irony going on in that episode.

I did a little house keeping on my blog this week by creating two more menu items/categories (Inspired & Video Assignments) to file my blog posts under. I also noticed that there was an update for the Jetpack plugin so I went ahead and took care of that update as well.

I was able to see quite a bit of the work that my classmates did as well and comment on it. Work done by Chris, Mariana, Nicky, Stefanie, Brittnay, Alison, Ien, Melinda, Maggie, & Lauren were commented on by me. I really do enjoy seeing the different ideas that we all come up with.

I think that about covers everything that I got done for week 10 in DS106. I’ll be in a rush to get my papers finished for two of my other classes but I had art to make, dammit!!






The Complete Package – A Video Assignment Idea


Binge watching of television shows is so popular nowadays with the help of Netflix and Hulu and that is what inspired my idea for this video assignment. Pick a show that has already completed it’s run on tv and then make a montage of video clips of the show. The video must be at least 2 minutes long and uploaded to your YouTube or Vimeo account once it’s finished. Then write a short blog post about how you made the video. This assignment could be worth 4 stars, maybe even 5. What do you think?? Sound like something you’d want to do?? I’ve already made a montage so check it out and let me know what you think!!

A Mashup of Baltimore


I couldn’t help but mashup a trailer for two shows filmed in Baltimore. Clips that I downloaded from YouTube of Homicide: Life on the Street and The Wire were combined with the theme song of The Wire and pictures with text that I made with an app on my phone to make this trailer. My new favorite digital love iMovie helped me to combine everything together. It’s been years since I’ve watched Homicide: Life on the Street but after doing this 5 star assignment, I might just have to re-watch it once the semester is over.

Crash Will Never Be A Royal


Since I tend to use my kids and my dogs for a lot of my projects for this class, I decided to exploit my dog yet again for 3 1/2 stars worth of video assignments. I used my iPhone to do slow motion recordings of my dog and then used iMovie to put them together to the tune of “Royals” by Lorde. It was my first experience with iMovie and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to use. I even figured out how to mute the background noise so that the song is the only thing you can hear in the video. Then I uploaded it to my youtube account created for this class. Crash won’t ever be a royal; hopefully, you can.

A Video Created for My Boy of Fall

I used an app on my iPhone to create this 5 star video assignment. It’s pictures of my son and his teammates over the last two seasons set to the tune of Kenny Chesney’s “Boys of Fall” song. Makes me so happy that my son can have the experience of being part of a team like the Yellow Jackets of The James Monroe High School.