The Wire’s Favorite Teams Mashed Up

15877036136_1ff25ee317_oHere is a mashup of two teams out of Baltimore just like The Wire. I took the logos from the University of Maryland and the Baltimore Orioles and blended with a photo blending app to create this assignment before uploading it to my Flickr account. There were several teams to choose from when it came to this assignment but I chose my softball jersey number because of Cal Ripken Jr. so it would practically have been a felony for me not to use the logo of the Orioles.

If Tumblr and Sound Cloud Had a Baby…

15716675067_893eac0bc2_oSince I spend a lot of time on Tumbler looking at blog posts or online listening to music, I decided to merge the two together. So with the help of screen shots of both Tumbler and Sound Cloud, as well as, a photo blend app to merge the logos together, I created what would be the love child of both sites after a one-night stand after meeting in the bar.

5 Decades of Songs in 10 Seconds


For this assignment, I used an app on my phone called Audio Share to trim down 6 songs I had previously purchased on iTunes. Once that was done I combined all 6 clips in Audacity cropped it down to 10 seconds total and uploaded the finished product to Sound Cloud. I think that the songs will be easily identifiable but maybe being from different decades will pose a bit of a listening challenge.