Final Project


About Me:

I’m a 43 year old broadcast journalist living in Baltimore, Maryland. I’m currently in a relationship with Kima Greggs and we have a beautiful baby but as with most relationships, we have our good times and our rough patches. Hopefully once of these days, she will settle into family life and we will be living the dream.

dob: 5/5/71

hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

current town: Baltimore, Maryland

occupation: broadcast journalist

relationship status: it’s complicated

education: University of Maryland

My Twitter

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My Pintrest

& where to find me on My Space

My Favorite Sports Teams Mashup – Remix assignment worth 3 stars

My hometown team and my college shoutout courtesy of my photo blend app


Bumper Sticker – Design Assignment worth 3 1/2 stars


A bumper sticker I made with an app on my iPhone giving my career some props.

 Focus on One Color РVisual Assignment worth 3 1/2 stars

I’ve always been obsessed with the color pink

this is a picture of me and my beautiful baby

focused on my favorite color pink


Greatest Hits Storytelling – Audio Assignment worth 3 1/2 stars


5 songs by P!nk  (one of my favorite artists EVER) clipped in Audacity and merged together. Since she writes all of her own music and that music is a direct reflection of her life I decided that her songs were perfect for this project.

Make Your Own Ringtone – Audio Assignment worth 1 1/2 stars


I made a ringtone in Audacity using one of my favorite “old school” songs by Run DMC because you know it’s tricky to rock a rhyme.

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