I Can’t Believe It’s Over

Well…it’s finally come to an end…I didn’t quite end in the hardcore way I wanted to but life got in the way and I did the best I could. Don’t blame me, blame Pre-Calculus and me being too old to pass without a tutor and a curve.

I still managed to accomplish quite a bit so here it goes:


I submitted my last assignment idea (a video assignment) and blogged about it. This assignment idea was courtesy of my son whose football games inspired this idea.


I completed all of the Final Project assignments for my character and posted them on her sites as well as on the Final Project blog I created. The Bumper Sticker and Ring Tone assignment were probably my favorites to complete as her.


No one signed up to discuss Episode 7 of Season 4 of The Wire so I decided to kick it old school and blog about it. Loved this episode entitled “Unto Others” because it was not only written well but it had A LOT  going on in regards to the story line. Given that I’ll be writing my senior thesis about the education element in The Wire this episode really hit home for me.

In addition to blogging about Episode 7 of Season 4, I also video chatted with my group about Episode 8 of Season 4 and blogged about it. I didn’t think that Episode 8 titled “Corner Boys” was nearly as interesting as Episode 7 but you could feel that there was something building and that Episode 8 was just setting the stage for it to take place.


I got the one Daily Create required this week completed courtesy of one of the best beer ad campaigns EVER. Gotta love DS106.


I did manage to sneak in a feew final comments on my classmates work wrapped up the week for me courtesy of Daily Creates by Sandy, Chris, Lauren, and Britney.

I really did enjoy this class this semester and I learned way more than digital creating than I ever thought I could given that I’m not a spring chicken and I made friends that I will continuing being friends with beyond this class and that really does mean a lot. #DS106 for life!!




Coming down to the wire (pardon the pun) – Weeks 13 & 14

So we’re coming down to the wire (pardon the pun) as the semester is winding down and the last two weeks reflect the chaos that is the end of a college semester.

Here is a glimpse into the last two weeks in DS106 of A Hot Crazy Mess:

Week 12 Daily Creates:
DS 106 Worst Album Cover:

DS106 For The Holidays album cover  #dailycreate  #tdc1045 #ds106


A shoefie for Howard:

My shoefie for Howard - TCB Jacket style # #dailycreate #tdc1047


Week 13 Daily Creates:

Caption an unsplashed photo

An unsplashed photo that is out of this world #dailycreate #tdc1051 #ds106


A Movie in Two Panels:

The Blind Side in two panels #dailycreate #tdc1057 #ds106


I submitted a Remix Card and blogged about my idea when I didn’t see my remix idea already submitted. I must say the the remix assignment I submitted made me giggle b/c it was Sponge Bob’s body but Chris Rock’s voice.

I completed 8 stars worth of Mashup Assignments and blogged about them. A Ten Second Song Mashup (worth 3 stars), My Favorite Team Mashup with a Wire theme (worth 3 stars), and a Website Mixup (worth 2 stars) were what I decided to tackle.



Website Mashup - My Creation?? Tumblr and Sound Could #ds106 #MashupAssignments1044 #MashupAssignments


A Mashup of Teams from The Wire #ds106 #MashupAssignments #MashupAssignments1037


Bonding with our DS106 community included commenting on:

Kisha’s face transplant, Alan’s tweet about the Fonz, Maggie’s Tweet about her mom, Chris’s green eggs and spam creation, Lauren’s re-tweet of the VHSL tweet, interacting with Jess on twitter, Imran’s blog on two panels, John’s video game mashup, Melinda’s game, and a comment on Amy Wallace’s daily create as well as starting to follow Amy on Flickr.


After coming up with a bogus last name for Cheryl of Fromthewire, I created 4 social media accounts for her (Twitter, Myspace, Pintrest, and Tumblr) as well as an email address all of which is documented on the page I created for my final project. I made sure to follow sites in all of the social media accounts created that Cheryl would be interested in (ie: parenting, broadcast news, gay rights, etc). I also completed 6 1/2 stars worth of assignments (Focus on a Color & Your Favorite Teams Mashup) from the point of view of Cheryl.


I also submitted my second Daily Create idea with an example of my idea. Revamped Lyrics could be a pretty funny assignment given the right song being changed. The possibilities are endless.

Daily Create idea - Lyric Remix - change the lyrics to a song and give it a whole new meaning #dailycreate #ds106


Looks like I’m going to be going solo for episode 7’s online discussion unless someone joins between tonight and tomorrow and my group for episode 8 is meeting at 5pm on Tuesday to get that done.


That about wraps up my last two weeks in DS106. The semester went by crazy fast and I can’t believe it’s winding down. Until next time…






A Hot Mess of Weeks 11 & 12

The last two weeks were hectic but productive.  Lots to share so here it goes.

2 Daily Creates completed each week. Week 11’s Daily Creates included Safe Haven and Forgetting to Look In. Forgetting to Look In was my favorite because I do find myself getting frustrated with going back to school at my age while trying to juggle life as a single mom. The picture is me graduating from Head Start and it just reminds me of how far I’ve come and that I can’t give up.

15564669248_f49dda5503_oThe Daily Creates that I did in Week 12 were The Flag of My Country and Pick a Pet and Change It. Always fun when you can put glasses and a mustache on a picture of your dog.


I was busy creating videos with my new obsession iMovie. I did the Lyric Video Snippet worth 3 stars and blogged about it. I did the Sports Mashup video assignment worth 3 1/2 stars and not only blogged about it but made Melinda and Kisha watch it to see if they teared up like I did watching it. Then I grouped up with my fellow old biddies for extra credit to do the Swede video assignment. As always, we had a blast working together and it’s always fun when you can make people in a bus station look at you like you are crazy…lol. You can read all about it in my blog post. And with as many out takes as we had I could totally do a blooper reel. In fact, maybe I think that would be a good idea for a video assignment…hmmmm…..


I only had one video to finish coming into today but the flu hitting my house would prevent that from happening. If everything is germ free tomorrow and things are back to normal I’ll be able to wrap that up.

I noticed that there were updates for Jetpack and Askimet this week so I installed those. I also favorited quite a few of my classmates work in Twitter.

Then came the sticky part. I picked Grigg’s girlfriend, Cheryl, to do my final project on. The problem is that her last name isn’t listed on any of the websites about The Wire and without a last name I haven’t been able to set up her sites. I’m not going to give up though. I will see if I can track it down in a picture or go back in the scenes where her last name might have been said to get it. I even tweeted The Wire fan page to see if they can help. If I can’t get it then I will have to hit up Groom for other options.

That about wraps it up. The work seems like is took much, much longer than it appears in this post. Funny how that happens.


A Week of Going to the Video

funny-pictures-pro-procrastinatorI can thank my procrastination in other classes for my week of production in this class. Turns out that my avoidance of paper writing turned into doing extra work in DS106. I justified this by telling myself that I was just making up for those couple of weeks where I just didn’t quite get everything done. That’s the story I’m going with at least. With that being said, let me tell you about the work I got done over the last 7 days.


I completed three Daily Creates this week instead of the two assigned. “What is it?“, “Hung Out to Dry“, and “Share Your Best Sleepy Shot” were the three creates that I picked to do. With as cold as it is today I wish that it was warm enough to have those beach clothes in my “Hung Out to Dry” picture to hanging out on the line.



I submitted two “Inspires” to the DS106 website and blogged about them. Brittnay’s “Unity” and Ien’s “Wire 106 Epigraph” were my two sources of inspiration this week. I also blogged about why “Unity” and “Wire 106 Epigraph” inspired me.




My favorite assignments of the week were the Video Assignments. I found a video on You Tube that showed me how to download videos from You Tube. Once I had the video clips I wanted it was just a matter of playing around with iMovie (which I had never used before) and then combining my clips together and putting them to music. I think that iMovie might be my favorite app ever. I ended up doing 13 1/2 stars worth of assignments which was 3 1/2 stars over the required 10 stars. My son, his teammates, and my family were the subjects in “My Boy of Fall” music video worth 5 stars. My 3.8 pound dog, slow motion video taken with my iPhone, and Lorde were the stars of my “Crash Will Never Be a Royal” video worth 3 1/2 stars. The last video I made was a mashup of clips from Homicide: Life in the Street and The Wire, both of which were filmed in Baltimore. I even found a clip from Homicide that the late Robin Williams was in which I thought was pretty cool. I named the final product “A Mashup of Baltimore” and the trailer mashup assignment was worth 5 stars. I think I enjoyed the video assignments more than audio assignments because I hate the sound of my voice…lol.



I even managed to submit a Video Assignment to the Assignment Bank. I named it the Complete Package and included a video example that I made when I submitted my idea to the website. I made it worth 4 stars but it could easily be worth 5. The only requirements that I had for the assignment is that it had to be clips from a show that had already completed its run on tv and it had to be a minimum of two minutes long. I figured that it is  always good to have an excuse to binge watch a television series.



I had a lovely discussion on Friday around 1:30ish with our fearless leaders about episode 10 of Season 3 of The Wire. Bob Dylan and reformation were hot topics and we all found it funny that it was titled “The Reformation” when the war isn’t considered over as of yet and reformations usually happen after something is over as a rebuilding effort. All kinds of irony going on in that episode.

I did a little house keeping on my blog this week by creating two more menu items/categories (Inspired & Video Assignments) to file my blog posts under. I also noticed that there was an update for the Jetpack plugin so I went ahead and took care of that update as well.

I was able to see quite a bit of the work that my classmates did as well and comment on it. Work done by Chris, Mariana, Nicky, Stefanie, Brittnay, Alison, Ien, Melinda, Maggie, & Lauren were commented on by me. I really do enjoy seeing the different ideas that we all come up with.

I think that about covers everything that I got done for week 10 in DS106. I’ll be in a rush to get my papers finished for two of my other classes but I had art to make, dammit!!






A Hot Crazy Mess of Time

Weeks 8 & 9 are in the books and they have been crazy ones for sure. Week 8 was full of meetings with my group of old biddies for our radio show (Melinda and Kisha), researching crime for my radio show bit, and doing my one daily create.

Week 9 was a crazy busy week as well. Writing the script for my crime segment as well as the script for my commercial, getting all of the audio recorded and then put into audacity for editing was definitely a challenge for me. I had the music I wanted for the commercial on iTunes but then had to figure out how to convert an mp4 to an mp3 to use in the audacity program. Same thing for the voice memos that I did my recordings on using my iPhone. Once I had them converted things fells into place. My group had met with a really nice guy the week before in the Digital Knowledge Center and he had walked us through the steps that were confusing us. Kisha and I worked together to get the poster done for the radio show and once Kisha was done putting all of the parts of our show together, it was just a matter of getting it loaded onto Sound Cloud. Copyright issues became a problem though and the clip was rejected. I managed to get it embeded in my blog and then just tweeted the link to the blog for access. We met online via google chat on Thursday night and broadcast our show. I think it turned out pretty well. We were all nervous being older students and not feeling a tech savvy as the younger folks but I think we even surprised ourselves.

IMG_0261 (2)


I submitted three DS106 works that inspired me and blogged about each of them individually. Brittnay, Maggie, and Stefanie struck a chord with me in different ways.

15199636190_e0c5d85823_mScreen-Shot-2014-09-10-at-9.20.08-AM-1024x640typography in Brittneys blog








I completed the two daily creates required this week. The thirty circle challenge and a drawing of winter where the ones I chose. Thank goodness for my iPhone as usual because it helped me to complete both daily creates.

I wasn’t able to get home in time from umpiring (I work nights and weekends) to listen live to the other radio shows (I thought I got home in time for the one before ours but I guess it started early so I missed it). So I will track one down in Sound Cloud and listen to it on my own. Hopefully, I’ll even be able to listen to more than one.

I was able to expand my own ds106 community and began following Maggie, Rachel, Travis, Lauren, Imran, Brittnay, and Nicky in Twitter. And in Flickr, I began following Travis, Brittnay, Chris, and Stefanie. I also commented on blog posts by Stefanie, Maggie, Syd, Brittnay, Travis, Amy, Kisha, Carmella, Nicky, and Demi.  It was really fun to see everything that people have been creating in our class.

On another note, I met with my advisor last week and he told me that my senior thesis can be on “The Wire”. I’m totally stoked and absolutely love being an American Studies major.

That’s about all that I can think of to say about the happenings in my DS106 world. Until next week…

After this week I’m ready for a remake of the show “Designing Women”




Yes, I do realize that I just dated myself by bringing up “Designing Women” so let the judgement begin…I brought it on myself.

Week 6 was much easier for me to get through than the week of sound. As usual, my phone was my best friend when it came to completing this week’s assignments. From pictures, to digital drawings, to following more of my ds106 peeps and commenting on their posts, and watching 3 more episodes of “The Wire” , this week was filled with all kinds of creating and building community.

15 stars of Design Assignments this week is what I started with first. The work for the week doesn’t seem as overwhelming if I knock out the biggest chunk of work early so that was what I did this week. The assignments I chose to complete were the Website Logo assignment (worth 3 points), What They Did After The Wire (2 points), No Bond Like A Dog Bond (3 1/2 points), Bumper Sticker (3 1/2 points), and The Childrens Book Cover (3 points) with 8 points worth of those assignments being based on “The Wire”. I changed the header on my website to show my new logo and blogged about each assignment on my Known page and tweeted them as well.


I got all 3 of the Daily Creates required this week completed. Empathy Map, Trace Yourself, and I Feel Like... were my picks. I posted them all to Flickr and tweeted them via Flickr as well. If I can find an app for Known that would do that for me I would be set. And after the hockey season is reaching just past the halfway point, I absolutely feel like a broken down car umpiring hockey games from high school through Division I college six and seven days a week.


My favorite assignment this week was the Design Blitz. I enjoyed learning about the different design elements and then trying to find them all around me. Nothing was off limits to use for me. From my curtains to the ordinary street sign that gave my son some trouble on his driving test, I really tried to mix it up. In addition to uploading all of my design blitz pix into their own album on Flickr, I also blogged all about it on my website.


Flickr is where I connected with my classmates for the most part this week. I began following Nicky, Lauren, and Algot in there this week. I also left comments on pictures posted by Nicky, Lauren, Algot, and Sandy. I also left a comment on Chris’s Design Blitz blog after she posted the link on Twitter. I also favorited and commented on Twitter from my phone but once I got home I couldn’t quite remember who I had posted on to go back and copy the links. I’ll work on a better system for that next week.

The Wire was off the chain this week with Ziggy shooting Glekas and Frank agreeing to become an informant as well as Omar and Bell coming to an agreement that benefited them both. The thing that stuck out for me the most though was Ziggy’s duck dying of alcohol poisoning. Wth??…lol.



I also finished the last few assignments that I didn’t quite finish last week including my Photo Blitz, the Humanizer, Color SplashWhat is it?, and the Post “Secret” visual assignments and shared them via Twitter and blogged about them on Known.  As I always say, better late than never. Kind of like me finishing college at my age…lol.

That about wraps up this week. If I forgot anything I’ll be sure to add it to next week’s weekly summary. Until then…



A Week of Unknown About Known

Technology was not my friend this week on many different levels. The song that was I trying to post on Sound Cloud on Thursday for the Daily Create was rejected for copyright issues (even though it was a song I downloaded legally off of iTunes). Disheartening especially because I spent $4.99 on an app that would help me pull it off of my iPhone and put it onto Sound Cloud. I was still able to complete my Daily Creates for the week however by doing the Thread Painting and the Noise Pollution assignments. Noise pollution was a glimpse into what I do almost every day in the fall. It might be a different time of day and a different place but no matter where I’m at, it pretty much sounds the same.

Due to my work schedule this week, I was unable to attend the online discussions on The Wire or watch and Tweet live with my classmates but I’m hoping that I will be able to this coming week.

I completed several of the visual assignments in the assignment bank including Warhol Something, Humanzier, 9 Lives, Post “Secret”, What Is It, and Color Splash. I started to do the assignment for the wanted poster but as I began to download the picture I created it began putting all kinds of other programs on my computer and I didn’t want that so I ceased the download. I had a really good one made though so I won’t give up on that assignment. I wrote all about them on my Known site.

Because I had to work for 9 days straight, I didn’t get to interact with my classmates as much as I normally do. I will make up for that next week.

As for this pesky Known. This is another thing I will add to my list to get help from Jim Groom this week. I just can’t seem to figure out how to link everything into Known so I’m having to update the same thing on different sites right now. I keep getting an era message to boot when I even pull up the screen to link Twitter so I’ve found that to be the most frustrating thing for me this week. I’m sure it’s something simple I’m missing but technology sure has a way of making me feel old at times.

Hopefully I will have more happy news to report next week…

Love music, hate editing it

Week 4 could have gone better for me but it could have been worse so I will refrain from saying that this week was my least favorite…at least for now. With my love of music I was completely excited about the sound assignments for this week. My age apparently has caught up with me though because my inability to navigate and/or figure out how to get any of my 1147 songs in my iTunes library into anything I could make a ringtone or a mashup or a greatest hits list with. Very disheartening for me because music is normally my thing. I did end up downloading the Audio Copy app onto my iphone though and made a really cute (or at least I think so since she is my baby girl) sound file of my daughter and me talking about the quote that I make her say every day before she gets out of the car when I’m dropping her off at school. Normally she says it with a little bit of an eye roll (which can definitely be heard in her voice) but she refrained from using that tone when we recorded the assignment. I guess I’ll take the non-sarcastic recording and run. It might be awhile until I hear it without an attitude. Even though I couldn’t figure out how to make a song go backward myself, I was able to listen to Syd’s creation and guess the song. Sweet Caroline never seems to get old. That is the sign of a classic song.

Twitter was quite the hub for social media for me this week. I began following John Meadows, Syd Bauman, and Paul Bond this week. I also tweeted quite a few status updates during the radio broadcast of The Wire on Tuesday. What an experience that was only listening to the episode without being able to see it. I had never really paid attention to the little things like the sounds coming from the streets or the song playing in cars until I heard the broadcast. Loved the Mary J. Blige playing in the background as it was one of the first CDs that I ever had (yes I said CD and yes I do know that I am old). Hearing the episode without being able to see it actually made me concentrate in a different and intriguing way and I hope that we do it more throughout the semester.

I also did the Daily Creates required this week and uploaded them to Flickr. Since I am totally into dressing my dog up in silly outfits and snapping pix I had to do the National Dog Day create assignment and responded to the comment that Mdvfunes left on my post. Then because I live in an apartment and have most of my stuff packed away in storage, I used my daughter’s books to create a store of her interests in the Book Stack create assignment.

I agreed to join Melinda’s group for the radio show and then blogged about ideas that I had for it. If I could tie The Wire to a “dusty muffin” I might be the happiest student at UMW this semester. I also watched Jen Ralston’s interview and blogged about it. There is no doubt that if sound is your passion that you could make quite the career out of it. Even if it’s just charging to do the sound in the student movies of your fellow classmates at NYU.

This week’s episodes of The Wire seem to concentrate on the theme of American ideals and foundations deteriorating which is opening the door for the criminal element to creep in. From the references to the decline of unions and steel mills as well as Griggs not being able to fully investigate cases, the concentration of the homicide of one girl when 14 homicides are pending, and drugs resulting in overdoses right under the prison guards’ noses are just painting a grim view of the breakdown of the exact opposite of what life in American is supposed to be. It is even more ironic that all of this is taking place in a city in which our national anthem was written. Just goes to show that everything is not always as it seems.

Well that’s it for now. I will totally be hitting up Jim Groom this week for some audio guidance because I refuse to let this get the best of me. Until next week…