Getting Our Video Chat On About Those Corner Boys


After meeting with my group the night before our video chat, I logged on to talk about the Corner Boys episode with Ian, Danielle, and Demi. I did a quick video clip of a scene in the special class that I found significant because the kids in “the game” saw themselves as being dead in 10 years. Just a harsh reminder of what havoc life on the street can cause. I couldn’t get it to show in the google hangout on my screen though but Ian was nice and did it from his for me. I also capture a screen of the scene that Ian liked showing the empty shelves in the corner store which showed just how the store was more than just a store. We also talked about how sad it was that Michael was put in the position to withhold money from his mom because he knew she would spend it on drugs and the fact that he was too old to be molested by his returning step-father but that Bug wasn’t and Michael felt that rush of panic that a parent normally would feel knowing that their child was at risk. We also talked about how crazy it was that Brice’s mom was pushing him to deal and trying to “show him the ropes” by giving him advise as to how his father dealt drugs. Just goes to show that there is so much more to why these kids end up running the streets due to the culture that they grow up in. We had a little trouble at the end of the video when we couldn’t hear Demi anymore but we were pretty much done so we just let it ride. Hope you enjoy our discussion!!


“Give Us 25 Minutes, We’ll Give You Baltimore”

summer-music_fOur group (Jonathan, Lakisha, Melinda, & me) is plugging away on our radio show. We’ve decided to do a news broadcast type show using the events occurring in The Wire as our content. We’ve all chosen different aspects of the radio show including “National News”, “Crime”, “Politics”, “Traffic”, and “Business News”. We met yesterday afternoon with Groom to discuss the different aspects that needed to be covered and to get ideas for the bumper and intros for each news segment. I followed up with an email to the group last night outlining the details of our meeting. Melinda is working on the bumper and we are all working on our individual segments. The plan is to get them all to Lakisha by midnight and then she and I will take all of the segments to the tutoring center Friday morning to get them meshed together. If it is needed, we will take it back to Groom on Sunday to fine tune it before it is due Sunday night. I have a feeling that problems may arise when it comes time for editing but we will know that by Friday morning for sure.

The Design Blitz by A Hot Crazy Mess

It’s amazing the designs you see every single day without even realizing it. This assignment helped me realized just how dependent our lives are when it comes to how things are designed. Welcome to the design blitz of A Hot Crazy Mess.

#1 – Street “art” I saw on the way to umpire at Hopkins in Baltimore. No doubt that it has a hidden meaning but that meaning is not for me to understand. Design elements that can be found in this picture are color, metaphors/symbols, use of space (this was in a very small alley way), & message.



#2 – The Yellow Jacket at midfield in Maury Stadium that was painted on the field before the first home game on the season. The design elements I noticed in this picture were color (black and orange are the school colors), symbols (the mascot of JM), balance, and proportion. With any luck, we will be able to see this image well into the playoffs.



#3 – A picture of “Family Rules” that I’ve been eyeing in a store for awhile. The design elements I noticed in this picture were color (or lack there of), typography, & use of space. There’s definitely a lot of words crammed in this one. Maybe reading the rules will keep my kids occupied for a bit.




#4- What keeps the outside world from seeing inside my every day, ordinary life also known as my curtains. The design elements I noticed in them is balance & unity. And I got them at a kick ass price too…just sayin’.



#5- The warning sign outside of my son’s bedroom. Design elements in this image include color, message, typography, and purpose. This sign no doubt invokes the color red as a warning indicator. His room is definitely a danger zone.



#6- The sign outside of my daughter’s favorite place to eat. Design elements include color, symbol, proportion, balance, function, and minimalism. It’s hard to have a kid of any age who doesn’t beg their parents to stop at the first glimpse of this sign.



#7- The stair railing in my apartment building. This often taken for granted, simple item has the design elements of balance, proportion, and purpose. It has helped me get down the stairs many a nights after hockey has taken its toll on me.




#8- The road sign that is the bane of my son’s existence on his driver’s test. It’s design elements of color (or lack there of), minimalism, symbol, message, and purpose prevented him from proceeding to the next part of his driving test. Better luck next time, son ;)


The Digital Days of My Week 3 Life

This week was more hectic than usual for me (which is really hard to believe given the chaos that is my life) so I didn’t participate at the level I would have normally done but I still grew my ds106 community.

I began following Hope and Sandy in Flickr and commented on pictures that both Hope and Sandy had posted. I shared several things on Twitter such as a commercial by Honey Maid as well as a pic of the Ravens stadium I took on my way to umpire at Johns Hopkins and a picture of the sky diver that delivered the game ball to my son’s football game on Friday night. I also began following Dave, Jessica, and Brittany on Twitter. I also shared one of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken on Instgram, Facebook, and Flickr. My dad had missed my son’s first two football games of the season because he had been very sick in the hospital for over a month (prior to his he has never missed a game). I kept my dad being able to come on Friday a secret and let my son spot him from the crowd during the game. At the end of the game, my son gave my dad the biggest hug I’ve ever seen him give anyone. I must admit that it brought a tear or two to my eyes.


I did three of the Daily Creates this week: My Favorite Mathematical Expression, Light at the End of the Tunnel, and Za Stupidest Poem Ever (I’m not the best creative writer ever, don’t judge me). I even proposed a Daily Create called: “What Are You Grateful For Today?”.

I also watched the season 1 finale of The Wire as well as the first and second episodes of Season 2. I liked how the show is exploring a different side to crime in Baltimore by following McNulty to his new job with the Baltimore Police Department Marine Unit. I also completed the 3 Assignment Banks that we had to do for these three episodes. For episode 13 of Season 1, I did a minimalist poster. For Ebb Tide, I did the “Where Are They Now?” blog. For Collateral Damage, I edited a photo of a scene from the episode to make it look like a sketch. I actually enjoyed looking around the assignment bank trying to find different things to try. I even did an extra assignment (not Wire related though) where I made a picture using my favorite song lyrics.

As for my blog/word press, I installed Jetpack to my word press and having been trying to come up with ideas as to how I would like to organize my blog. I’m hoping that this week I will be able to streamline my blog even more. As my life is, my blog is a work in progress.

That’s it for now, folks. Until next week…

Where is he now?? Pablo Schreiber is Everywhere!!


When Pablo Schreiber showed up as Nick Sobotka in the first episode of season 2 of The Wire, I knew I had seen him before. A quick Google of his name confirmed that I was not imagining things. Prior to being on The Wire, he had appeared in episodes of Law and Order: Criminal Intent as well as in the movie The Manchurian Candidate. After The Wire, his most memorable roles were on Law and Order: SVU, Weeds, and Orange is the New Black. The Wire is where he seemed to perfect his craft of playing bad men as each role he has played since The Wire seems to bring all kinds of evil to his characters.