The Wire’s Favorite Teams Mashed Up

15877036136_1ff25ee317_oHere is a mashup of two teams out of Baltimore just like The Wire. I took the logos from the University of Maryland and the Baltimore Orioles and blended with a photo blending app to create this assignment before uploading it to my Flickr account. There were several teams to choose from when it came to this assignment but I chose my softball jersey number because of Cal Ripken Jr. so it would practically have been a felony for me not to use the logo of the Orioles.

If Tumblr and Sound Cloud Had a Baby…

15716675067_893eac0bc2_oSince I spend a lot of time on Tumbler looking at blog posts or online listening to music, I decided to merge the two together. So with the help of screen shots of both Tumbler and Sound Cloud, as well as, a photo blend app to merge the logos together, I created what would be the love child of both sites after a one-night stand after meeting in the bar.

5 Decades of Songs in 10 Seconds


For this assignment, I used an app on my phone called Audio Share to trim down 6 songs I had previously purchased on iTunes. Once that was done I combined all 6 clips in Audacity cropped it down to 10 seconds total and uploaded the finished product to Sound Cloud. I think that the songs will be easily identifiable but maybe being from different decades will pose a bit of a listening challenge.


A Comedy Remix


The remix that I came up with and submitted a remix card for was a merging of the comedy that I find funny with the comedy of my kids (even though I can’t pretend that I don’t like Sponge Bob too).

I found two clips on You Tube. The first clip was of Chris Rock discussing gun control in his Bigger and Black comedy stand up show that originally aired on HBO. The second clip was from an episode of Sponge Bob where we was trying to do a stand up routine. I downloaded them both from You Tube and then spliced them together in iMovie. I used the sound of Chris Rock’s routine and put it over Sponge Bob’s routine while trying to time the mouth movement with the laughter. I actually made it choppy on purpose b/c I thought that it made it funnier and I totally think that life is better when you’re laughing.