Inspired by the Words of the Wire









I was inspired by Ien’s epigraph post because there are many instances in life where you have to decide why you are doing something or why you are holding onto something, especially if you aren’t happy. If you aren’t happy or something isn’t going well, you should always be able to look within yourself to try to figure out why you aren’t happy. That self-examination forces you to be honest with yourself because if you aren’t honest with yourself then nothing will change. I think that is why the words from The Wire in Ien’s epigraph were so inspiring to me.

Inspired by Unity

I was inspired by Brittnay’s Unity picture because it brought back the great memories I had of being part of a team. Being part of a team is more than just playing a sport. Being part of a team is learning how to work with others to accomplish something bigger than yourself, it’s building friendships that can last a lifetime, and it creates memories that will last for years to come. I still keep in touch with many of my former teammates as they are some of the only people that you share the same great memories with. My son is experiencing what it means to be part of a team right now and I couldn’t be more happy that he is.



Inspried by Words

typography in Brittneys blog

I was inspired by Brittany’s example of typography in her design blitz because I looks like something that I have in my house. I try to put up pictures that my kids can see of sayings that might inspire them or to help them know that they are loved. I have the lyrics to the song “My Wish” framed on each of the walls in their bedrooms and in my daughter’s room I have a wall cling by her bed that says “Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful”. I found a bunch of other pictures on Pintrest that I printed and framed and hung throughout my apartment (way cheaper that way…lol). Pictures that include:

IMG_0366 IMG_0405 IMG_0465 IMG_0633 IMG_1773And that is why Brittnay’s picture was so inspiring to me :)

Inspried by the Color Blue


Screen-Shot-2014-09-10-at-9.20.08-AM-1024x640I was inspired by Maggie’s picture because of the moment that it captured in the stained glass window. You never know who you might be inspiring. I always try to remind my son of that. He plays football for a successful high school football program and many of the little kids sit right behind the bench during the games. One time my son came off the field saying some foul language after he had botched a snap. Everyone within earshot heard him, including some little boys behind him. I quickly reminded him that he was a role model for those kids and to never forget that he needs to conduct himself in a respectable manner. Those kids look up to him and if they see him acting that way then they will think it’s alright for them to use bad language. This picture sums up that sentiment for me. That cop could be inspiring that child without even realizing that he is.

Inspired by Lyrics

15199636190_e0c5d85823_mI was inspired by this picture by Stefanie for several reasons. My life as a single mom of two kids going to school full time and working tends to be a little much at times so I can completely related to wanting to feel like I was sitting on top of the work with my legs hanging free. Even if it was for only a day.

I also LOVE music. All different types of music from all different eras, I pretty much love it all. I have over 1200 songs on my iPod and if you hit shuffle you might go from Pour Some Sugar on Me to I Heard It Through The Grapevine to Ride Wit Me to Friends in Low Places. I have some Dave Matthews on my iPod as well and have also seen him in concert and as many times as I’ve heard it, this picture made me like this song even more.